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Non-Surgical Liposuction

*Results of weight loss treatment may vary from person to person

Lipo-light body sculpting uses a non-invasive light therapy that gives immediate results in just 30 minutes. The Lipo-Light Advanced Slimming and Toning program is the latest treatment in the non-invasive body contouring marketing. The use of heat an light from Lipo-Light combined with exercise and a healthy diet will naturally slim and tone your problem area without painful surgery.

Our Lipo-Light Advanced Slimming and Toning has a positive effect on those area where body sculpting can prove difficult including the waist, hips, thighs, upper legs and even the arms.

Lipo-Light Body Sculpting Provides Patients with Weight Loss Benefits that Don’t Require Surgery or Harmful Medications

  • No Drugs
  • No Surgery
  • No Needles
  • No Downtime
  • Just Results!
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LED Laser Light Helps to Naturally Sllim, Shape, & Tone Problem Areas of the Body

Lipo Light utilizes LED laser-like light to help naturally slim, shape and tone problem areas of the body that have difficulty losing inches including the waist, hips, thighs and upper arms. The unique wavelength of the light stimulates fat cells and releases fat that is then easily metabolized. Think of a filled fat cell as a grape. The LED light from the Lipo Light system causes a change in the cell membrane which allows the fat to flow out of the fat cell and into the blood and lymph systems where it will can be burned for energy or released from the body. The process is similar to when the body enters the “fat burning” stage of a good cardiovascular workout. The end result is that the previously fat filled “grapes” become empty and flattened “raisins” thus losing inches from the body.

The Lipo Light Procedure

The Lipo Light system at our facility is equipped with 16 pads that enable maximum results with each treatment. The pads move freely and are held in place with an adjustable strap.  Treatments last for 20 minutes and we recommend around 2-3 treatments per week. After treatment, it is extremely important to exercise to create the demand for energy which can be met by the temporarily released fat to complete the inch loss process. The exercise portion is critical to maximize the burning of the newly released fat. For those of you who are on the Ideal Protein diet you will burn even more of the released fat because your body is using fat as its primary fuel source.

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