Neck Pain Relief with PEMF!

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy • Non-Surgical Therapy

PEMF for Neck Pain

Neck Pain Clinic in Herndon, VA:  If you suffer from neck pain then you know that a “pain in the neck” can make you a “pain in the neck”. Chronic neck conditions such as stiffness and the after effects of whiplash and acute conditions such as a sprain or strain or waking up and not being able to turn your head may be helped with PEMF treatment. Pinched nerves coming out of the neck and going down the arm causing pain and numbness also respond well to PEMF.

If you are experiencing neck pain, stiffness, or numbness, please give us a call. I invite you to try PEMF  to see if you can be helped. Our Special Introduction 3 Hour Premium Pro Starter pack consisting of three one hour appointments and a consultation for $99. Based on your case and how your respond to the therapy we will suggest the package or options that are best suited for your health care goals.

New PEMF Patient Special!

Get (3) hour long PEMF sessions for just $99!  Call (703) 834-1910 or send us a message to get started on your path to living a pain free life!

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