What’s Your Risk of Falling?

In just 30 seconds, you will learn important information about your lower body strength and your risk of falls.

How many times can you sit and stand from a chair in 30 seconds? In this video Silver Sneakers expert David Jack explains how this quick but powerful test can give you clues about your lower body strength and endurance.

You will need a regular sturdy chair with a seat that is about 17 inches high. Make sure the chair will not slide. Try the test now and then see below for what your results mean. If you are not able to sit and stand on your own safely, please skip the test.

If You Did 19 or More Reps

Your lower body strength and endurance are likely to be above average. Well done!! You are making sure you can keep up with all the activities you love!! Keep up the good work.

If You Did 10 – 18 Reps

Your lower body strength and endurance are in the average range. So stay as strong as you are now and get stronger if you can. Lower body strength exercises and reducing excessive weight ( if you are overweight ) are key. Our Ideal Protein Weight Loss and Lifestyle Protocol will be very helpful. Also PEMF can help improve your energy and fitness workouts.

If You Did 10 Reps or Fewer

Your lower body strength and endurance are below average and a red flag that you are at a higher risk of falls. But that does not mean that you should live in fear of falling or avoid activity. You should work to improve your strength and balance through a well designed exercise program.

First talk with Dr Wichin about your current health status and what kind of exercises might be helpful. You will need to start gradual and build up to more challenging programs. Proper nutrition and weight loss if necessary may be incorporated into your lifestyle plan.

Make your health last. What will your last ten years look like?

This video produced by the Canadian Stroke foundation is a brilliant depiction of what we all want. To age gracefully, being fully active and healthy and enjoying are golden years with our friends and family. We at Lifelong Health and Weight Loss are committed to this vision for ourselves and all of our community. Please reach out to us if we can help you in any way.

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